How to Access and Export Form Submissions

You can see form submissions by viewing your form from the Admin Area, and navigating into the ‘Submissions’ tab.

From here you can access, approve or archive any forms that have been submitted.  To approve  a form submission click on the submission and then select Approved as the status and hit save once you’ve approved the submissions you want to approve.

Elvanto Tip

Whenever a user is logged into Elvanto and they submit a form, their request will automatically get approved no matter which option under "Edit Form > Update Database" is selected. Learn more about here: How to Create and Edit a Form.

To archive multiple submissions at once, simply check the box next to the submissions you want to archive, click Mass Manage

You can restore any archived responses the same way by using the filter dropdown to show any Archived submissions.

Export Submissions

You can also export all submissions by navigating to the submissions tab and click the ‘Export’ button at the top of the form.

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