How to Access and Export Form Submissions

Accessing, approving, archiving, and exporting form submissions in Elvanto is a streamlined process that can be efficiently managed from the Admin Area. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to handle form submissions, including how to approve individual submissions, archive multiple submissions simultaneously, and export submissions for further analysis or record-keeping.

How to View and Approve Form Submissions:

  1. Access Form Submissions:
  1. Navigate to the Admin Area.
  2. Open the form you wish to review by selecting it.
  3. Click on the ‘Submissions’ tab to view all submissions.
  1. Approve a Submission:
  1. Click on a specific submission to view its details.
  2. Change the status to 'Approved'.
  3. Save your changes to approve the submission.<div class="callout callout--info">

 Elvanto Tip: Submissions made by logged-in users are automatically approved, regardless of the "Edit Form > Update Database" settings.

How to Archive Submissions:

  1. Select Submissions:
    • Check the boxes next to the submissions you intend to archive.
  2. Archive Submissions:
    • Click ‘Mass Manage’ to archive selected submissions.
  3. Restore Archived Submissions:
    • Use the filter dropdown to display archived submissions.
    • Select submissions to restore from the archive.

How to Export Submissions:

  1. Navigate to the Submissions Tab:
    • Find the ‘Export’ button located at the top of the form section.
  2. Export Submissions:
    • Click ‘Export’ to download all form submissions.

This streamlined process ensures that managing form submissions in Elvanto is straightforward, allowing admins to approve, archive, and export data with ease.

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