How to Mass Manage Transactions

Mass Managing transactions can be done either when viewing transactions within a pledge, or simply by viewing the list of transactions. when viewing the page, simply check the boxes of the items you would like to manage. Once a box is checked, the ‘Mass Manage’ button will appear.

Clicking the ‘Mass Manage’ button will then show the Mass Manage modal.

This window will allow you to edit or delete all the selected transactions at once.

  • Chart of Accounts: This changes the designated account for the transactions.

  • Method: This changes the giving method for the transactions, ie, Cheque, online, cash etc.

  • Tax Deductible: This changes whether the transaction is classed as tax deductible or not.

  • Transaction Date: This changes the date the transaction occurred on.

  • Delete: If this option is selected, the transactions will be deleted.


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