Setting Up Need Types and Reminders

Setting up Need Types and Reminders in Elvanto allows you to manage tasks and ensure timely completion by notifying assigned members. This guide will walk you through accessing and configuring these settings effectively.

Accessing Need Types and Reminder Settings

  1. Login to Elvanto: Ensure you have admin access.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Click on "Settings" from the main menu.
  3. Go to Needs: Select “Needs” from the list of settings options.

Configuring Need Types

Adding a New Need Type

  1. Access Need Types: Within the Needs settings, you will see a list of existing Need Types.
  2. Add New Need Type: Click the “Add” button to create a new Need Type.
  3. Fill in Details: Provide the necessary details for the new Need Type.
  4. Save: Click “Save” to add the new Need Type to your list.

Setting Up Reminders

Reminder Configuration Options

  1. Enable Email Reminders

    • Option: Toggle whether email reminders should be sent.
    • Note: If disabled, the following options will not appear.
  2. Pre-Due Date Reminders

    • Frequency: Set how often reminders should be sent before a need is due.
    • Recipients: Reminders will be sent to assigned members.
  3. Due Date Reminders

    • Option: Choose whether to send a reminder on the date the need is due.
    • Purpose: Ensures members are aware that the need is due on the specified date.
  4. Overdue Reminders

    • Option: Decide if reminders should be sent when a need is overdue.
    • Frequency: Set how often these reminders should be sent.
    • Purpose: Helps in ensuring overdue needs are addressed promptly.

Steps to Configure Reminders

  1. Enable Email Reminders: Check the box to enable email reminders.
  2. Set Pre-Due Date Reminders: Configure the frequency for reminders before the need's due date.
  3. Enable Due Date Reminders: Decide if reminders should be sent on the due date.
  4. Set Overdue Reminders: Configure how often reminders should be sent for overdue needs.