Accepting and Completing a Need as a Member

In the Member Area, Members can see 3 different lists of Needs

  1. Needs already assigned to them that aren’t completed

  2. Unassigned Needs

  3. Needs they have completed already

When they click on the “Unassigned” tab, they see all the unassigned needs at their locations, or assigned to all locations.

When you click on a particular need, you can see more detail about that need.

You can then click the “Assign to me” button. This will move the need into the “Assigned to Me” list and close the window.

When you then open the need from the “Assigned to Me” list, you’ll see the following window.

Members can then click on the “In Progress” or “Completed” button to update the status as needed. If a need has been marked as “In Progress” it will only show the “Completed” button.

Once completed the need will move to the “Completed” tab.

If you're unable to complete a need after it's been assigned to you you'll need to work with your leadership directly to have it removed, and re-assigned!

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