How to Embed the Events Calendar on my Website and Custom Church App

Utilizing your Elvanto calendar is a great way to keep all your upcoming events visible to your team and your church members! This article will cover how to embed this calendar onto your website, blog, or church app.

Embedding Your Calendar  

Tithely Tip: Create a public events calendar to use for embedding on your website or custom church app. More information: How to Add a Calendar

  1. Log into your Elvanto account as an Admin.
  2. Select Calendar.
  3. Select Embed.
  4. Select the calendars you would like to embed 
    Note: Greyed options will not sync. Click on a calendar to add or remove from your embed.

    Optional parameters:
    • Edit Type.
      • Choose to show the entire calendar or only upcoming events within your selected date range.
    • Edit Display As.
      • Select if you would like your calendar to display in a month, week, or day format. 
        Note: This is only applicable when embedding and not using a direct link.
    • Edit Start Day.
      • Select if you would like your calendars week to start on a Monday or Sunday.
    • Select Locations.
      • Select the location(s) you would like to show events held at. 

  5. Copy the link or code that suits your needs.
    • Link 
      • Allows you to link in an email, social media, or other websites. This will direct a user to a new browser window displaying your selected calendar and parameters. 
        Note: Use this option for your church app.
    • JavaScript Code
      • Paste this code within your website to display your calendar with the parameters set.
        Note: This option will display 100% of the available space on a website.
    • Embed Code 
      • Paste this code within your website to display within an iFrame. 
        Note: An iFrame is helpful for constraining how large your calendar is displayed. 

  6. Paste the link or code onto your desired platform.

You have now connected your calendar to your website, blog, or app!