How to Apply to Join a Group

From within the Member Area, assuming the admins have added the “Group Finder” link to the member area, the members simply need to visit the Group Finder from the Menu. If you need help adding it to the Members Menu, please see the following article.

The exact positioning and how it displays will depend on the menu structure of the account and will differ from church to church.

This will load a page with a map showing where the groups are, and a list of groups.

Individual users can choose to hide the map by clicking the blue icon on the top-right if desired and just look at the list of groups. Or they can use the map to find a group near them. If they wish to filter the list of groups, they can click the filter icon on the top left and filter based on the choices available to them according to the account settings.

Once the user has found a group they like, they can click on its name to load more details about that specific group.

If the user wants to join the group, they simply click on the “Join Group” button. This will let them fill out a form to collect their information as needed.

This form then allows the user to enter their information so that we can make sure to contact them about the application and the group leader can contact them. You can also use the “Friends or Family” button to add in details about other members to join the group with you.

Each field is required for each person when applying to join.

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