The Difference Between The Admin and Member Area in Elvanto

The Elvanto program is comprised of two distinct areas: the Admin Area and the Member Area. Each area serves a unique purpose and caters to different types of users within your church community.

Admin Area

The Admin Area is the back-end and administration hub where you manage your database and various settings related to your account. It’s here where you’ll build and create the different areas related to your church, such as:

  • People’s Information: Manage personal details, contact information, and more.
  • Groups: Create and manage different groups within your church.
  • Service Plans: Organize and plan services, including volunteer roles and schedules.
  • Giving Statements: Oversee and generate financial reports and giving statements.
  • Reports: Create and review reports to analyze church activities and engagement.

The Admin Area is essential for administrative tasks and overall church management. It's where church leaders and administrators set up and control the operational aspects of the church.

Member Area

The Member Area is primarily used by volunteers and church members for communication and accessing specific information. In this area, users can:

  • Access Their Roster: Volunteers can view their schedules and upcoming duties.
  • Member Directory: Members can look up contact information for other church members.
  • Posts and Pages: View posts or pages set up from within the Admin Area.

The Member Area is user-friendly and designed to help volunteers and members stay informed and connected with church activities without the need for administrative access.

How Users Access These Areas

Within your Elvanto account, each ‘active’ person can be allocated login details by an administrator to gain access to their account. These people are referred to as ‘users’ throughout this guide. Users can access their accounts via an internet browser on any internet-enabled device, as Elvanto is a web-based system.

Restricting Access

Both the Admin Area and Member Area can be restricted in various ways to ensure users only get access to the functions and information they need. Depending on what role a user has in their church, they’ll need access to one or both areas, which can be set up in Access Permissions.

Examples of Access

  1. Music Team Member:

    • Member Area: Access their roster and download songs.
    • Admin Area: Not required unless involved in administrative tasks such as setting up rosters, creating run-sheets, or contacting volunteers.
  2. Connect Group Leader:

    • Member Area: Access group information and schedules.
    • Admin Area: Required to write notes, submit reports, and manage their group.

Access Permissions allow for tailored access control, ensuring that users only have access to the areas and functionalities relevant to their roles.

Understanding the difference between the Admin Area and the Member Area is crucial for effectively managing your Elvanto account and ensuring that users have the appropriate level of access. The Admin Area is for comprehensive church management and administrative tasks, while the Member Area is designed for volunteers and church members to stay informed and engaged with church activities.

For more detailed information on setting up Access Permissions and managing user access, please refer to our detailed guide on Access Permissions.