Viewing and Exporting People

In Elvanto, you can easily view all people, pick only the information you want to view, and export that view. This article will walk you through those three components of the People section.

Viewing All People

  1. Navigate to the People Page:

    • Log into the Admin Area and go to the ‘People’ page.
  2. Adjust Filters:

    • By default, only active people are shown.
    • To view all people, change the filter settings or click on the ‘Clear Filters’ button.
  3. Advanced Search:

    • For advanced searches, click here to learn more about advanced search options in Elvanto.

Setting up Default Columns in People Settings

  1. Go to Settings:

    • Navigate to Settings and select People.
  2. Default Fields to Display:

    • Find the ‘Default Fields to Display’ heading.
    • Set the default columns to show for your account. All People Views will use this setting unless defined otherwise by other methods.

Exporting Your People View

  1. Select Export Option:

    • After obtaining the necessary information, click the Export option at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose Export Format:

    • A modal window will appear allowing you to choose the format of the exported file.
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