Making a New Couple a Family

There's just a few simple steps to merge two profiles together as a new family in Elvanto. 

In our example, Portia Baldwin and Blake Goodwin have recently gotten married and are both moving out of home. They were previously in a Family with their parents. As such, we'll want to remove both of them from their existing families.

To do this, view the "Family" tab of an existing family member, and select "Remove From Family" for the members who are merging into their new family. 

This is an important step. If this is not done, both existing families will be merged together into one big family, which is not what you want. 

Step 2: Update profile details as needed

Whether this be a change of phone numbers, names or addresses, make any updates to their profiles as needed. In our example Portia's changed her Last Name. 

From the Family tab of one of the new Family Members, click on the Find Family Members button on the top right to search for the other family members. 

This will display a list of people that share the same Last Name automatically, and can be used to search for other specific people if the members don't share the same Last Name in the system yet.

Simply find the relevant member, and click on the Add to Family button, and select the relevant Family Relationship for that member. Once that's done, go back and set the Family Relationship for the original family member as well. 

And that's it! Creating new families, shouldn't be a difficult process--with Elvanto it's a breeze!
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