Making a New Couple a Family

There are just a few simple steps to merge two profiles together as a new family in Elvanto.

Step 1: Remove Existing Family Links

  • Navigate to the Family Tab:

    • View the "Family" tab of an existing family member.
  • Remove from Family:

    • Select "Remove From Family" for the members who are merging into their new family.

    Example: Portia Baldwin and Blake Goodwin recently got married and are moving out of their respective homes. They were previously in a family with their parents. Therefore, remove both of them from their existing families to avoid merging the two families into one large family.

Step 2: Update Profile Details

  • Make Necessary Changes:

    • Update any changes in their profiles, such as phone numbers, names, or addresses.

    Example: Portia changed her last name after getting married, so update her profile to reflect this change.

Step 3: Link as Existing Family Members

  • Find Family Members:
    • From the Family tab of one of the new family members, click on the "Find Family Members" button on the top right to search for the other family member.
  • Search and Add:
    • A list of people sharing the same last name will be displayed automatically. If the members don't share the same last name, use the search function.
    • Find the relevant member and click on the "Add to Family" button.
    • Select the appropriate family relationship for that member.
  • Set Family Relationship:
    • Go back and set the family relationship for the original family member as well.

And that's it! Creating new families shouldn't be a difficult process—with Elvanto, it's a breeze!