Security Codes and Check-Ins

Security Codes are unique codes that are assigned to individuals and primarily used for check-in. All members require a security code of some description to be checked in. 

Individual Security Codes vs Family Security Codes

Using a single security code for an entire family can at times allow for quicker check-in especially when using Quick Check-in. There are pros and cons to using both.

Pros of Family Codes:

  • One code to remember

  • Can speed up check-in

  • Only one barcode needed for an entire family if you’re using barcodes

  • Members can still have individual codes if desired

Pros of Individual Codes:

  • More secure

  • Easier to setup

  • Individual codes can be generated automatically

  • More control over checking individuals in

Either option will work for self check-in or normal check-in. If you’re looking for the ability to quickly check in all members of a family at once using quick check-in though, then you will want to use family codes.

Family Codes and Quick Check-in

Family codes work well with quick check-in and can be used to check entire families in or out at once without having to go through and scanning each individual’s tag. This is useful especially with really large families! One thing to consider though is that it will always check the entire family in and if certain family members aren’t present they’ll still be checked in.

Format of Security Codes

We allow you specify a custom format for your security codes. The format you chose will not change how the system works, you simply need to specify a format that meets the needs of your church.
A large number of churches will simply use the initials of their church name, followed by a series of numbers.This is entirely up to you. You just want to make sure that what you choose is able to be remembered by the parents of your children.

How to use Session Codes

Session Codes can be used to help increase the security of your check-in system. Session Codes are randomly generated codes, that can be formatted in a similar matter to Security Codes. The useful feature of Session Codes, are that they are always re-generated when the person checks in. This allows you to print the session code on your check-in labels, and then when the parent comes to collect the label, they need to provide the label with the correct session code to collect their child. This helps ensure that someone else doesn’t try to use a check-in label from a previous service to collect a child.

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