Streamlining Follow-up with Elvanto Using People Views and People Flows

Efficiently following up with parents or members is vital for building relationships and maintaining engagement. Elvanto's People Views and People Flows offer powerful tools to streamline and track your follow-up processes. This article will guide you through utilizing these features to effectively connect with individuals and groups within your church community.


Create People View:

  1. Go to "People" > "Views."
  2. Use filters to create a People View that targets the specific individuals you want to follow up with (e.g., new visitors, inactive members, parents of children in specific groups).
  3. Save the People View for easy access later.

Create People Flow:

  1. Go to "People" > "Flows" > "Add Flow."
  2. Name your flow (e.g., "New Visitor Follow-Up," "Parent Check-In").
  3. Designate flow administrators and determine the location or demographic for the flow.
  4. Add steps to outline your follow-up process:
  • Example Step 1: Send welcome email/SMS
  • Example Step 2: Schedule phone call/meeting
  • Example Step 3: Send follow-up resources

Add People to Flow:

  • Open your saved People View.
  • Select all individuals using the checkbox.
  • Click "Mass Manage" and choose "Add to People Flow."
  • Select the appropriate flow and assign administrators for each step.

Manage and Track Follow-Up:

  • Flow administrators can view assigned individuals and track progress through the flow.
  • Complete actions for each step (e.g., send emails, make calls, schedule meetings) directly from the People Flow.
  • Mark steps as complete as actions are taken.
  • Use the People Flow to monitor who has been contacted and who requires further follow-up.

Additional Information:

  • Customization: Tailor your People Views and People Flows to your specific follow-up needs and communication preferences.
  • Automation: Explore Elvanto's automation options to trigger flows or send messages based on specific criteria.
  • Reporting: Utilize Elvanto's reporting features to assess the effectiveness of your follow-up efforts.


A church uses a People View to identify parents of children who haven't attended Sunday school in a month. They then add these parents to a "Parent Check-In" flow, which involves sending an email, scheduling a phone call, and offering support resources.


  • Privacy: Ensure your follow-up methods adhere to privacy regulations and preferences.
  • Sensitivity: Use a friendly and empathetic tone in your communication during follow-up.
  • Flexibility: Adjust your People Flows as needed to optimize your follow-up process.

Elvanto's People Views and People Flows provide a powerful framework for organized and effective follow-up. By implementing these tools, you can strengthen connections within your church community and ensure that no one falls through the cracks.