Data Migration from Jethro/EasyJethro to Elvanto

At Tithely we strive to make data migration as painless as possible. The instructions below will guide you through how to export People out of your current Church Windows account to be imported into Elvanto.

How to Export People from Jethro/EasyJethro

  1. Login to your Jethro site.

  2. Select "Persons" and then "Reports".

  3. Click "Create a new report".

  4. Either unselect status, or select all statuses you wish to import.

  5. Under "For each person, show me", select every field you want to export.

  6. Make the following selections:
    Group results by - leave as is

    Sort results by - leave as is

  7. Click "Save and view results".

  8. Click "Download CSV".


Once you have completed your export, click here to learn how to import your information into Elvanto!

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