Data Migration from Power Church to Elvanto

At Tithely, we strive to make data migration as painless as possible. The instructions below will guide you through how to export People and Giving information from your current Power Church account for import into Elvanto.

How to Export People from Power Church

  1. Login to your Power Church account.
  2. Select the "Membership" menu > "Personal Profiles" > "Other Output" > "Export Data".
  3. Selection Criteria:
    • a) Take a screenshot of all the Date Field names.
    • b) Click "OK" to complete.
  4. Next, an Introduction screen will show, click "OK".
  5. Select which fields you would like to export, and click 'Next'.
    • Please Note: Click the ">>" Button to select all fields.
    • Contributions in Power Church are done by envelope number. If you plan to import contributions, include this field.
  6. Select 'Excel 5' as the type of export file format and click "Next".
  7. Name your export file:
    • a) Click "Location" and browse and name your file (Drive M: is your local C: drive).
    • b) Click "Next" Button.
  8. Click "Finish" Button.

How to Export Giving from Power Church

  1. Login to your Power Church account.
  2. From the top menu bar, select "Contributions" and then "Reports - Contributions".
  3. Select the "Posted Contributions" Report.
  4. Click "Send to Disk File".
  5. Click "Run".
    • a) Select Dates.
    • b) Check "Include Contribution Designations".
    • c) Check "Include Contribution Memo".
    • d) Click "OK" Button.
    • Please Note: If you get a default printer error, select a different printer. After you select a new printer, it will give you the file location dialog box.
  6. Save As: Excel spreadsheet (include the file extension: .xls).
    • Please Note: If you have "Unposted Contributions" repeat steps 2 through 6.

Once you have completed your export, click here to learn how to import your information into Elvanto!

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