Locations Overview

Locations in Elvanto are used to manage and differentiate between the different campuses of your church. Setting up locations is optional and only needed for accounts with multiple church locations.

Why Use Locations?

Using locations helps you organize your church’s activities and members effectively. Locations ensure that only relevant information is displayed to individuals based on their assigned campus.

Key Benefits:

  1. Targeted Communication: Publish posts and announcements relevant to specific campuses.
  2. Efficient Management: Filter and manage services, groups, and people based on locations.
  3. Access Control: Restrict access to information based on a user's assigned location, ensuring they only see relevant content.

How Locations Work

  • Visibility: When a post is published and assigned to the City Campus, individuals at the Country Campus will not see it in their Member Area.
  • Time Zones: Locations can span different time zones and countries, ideal for churches with interstate or overseas campuses.
  • Filtering: Location filters apply across the account, including areas like Services, Groups, and People.
  • Access Control: While a person assigned to the Beach location can still access information from the City location, users aren’t restricted unless location lockdowns are set up in access permissions.

One Location vs. No Location

One Location: If your church has only one physical location, the locations feature should be left unused.

Multiple Locations: If your church meets in multiple locations, you can benefit from setting up locations in Elvanto.

Setting Up Locations

If your church meets in multiple locations, follow these steps to add them:

  1. Navigate to Settings: Log in to the Admin Area and go to the Settings page.
  2. Select Locations: Find the Locations section and click to add a new location.
  3. Add Location Details: Enter the necessary details for each location, including the name, address, and time zone.
  4. Assign Members: Assign individuals to the appropriate location to ensure they see the relevant information upon login.

Example Structure:

  • City Campus
  • Country Campus
  • Beach Campus

Do You Need Locations?

Single Location Churches: If your church has only one building where you hold services, you do not need to set up locations.

Multi-location Churches: If your church meets in multiple locations, setting up locations in Elvanto will help you manage your campuses efficiently.

Using Locations Effectively

  1. Filter Services and Groups: Use location filters to organize services and groups by campus.
  2. Assign Access Permissions: Set up access permissions to ensure users only access information relevant to their assigned location.
  3. Custom Communication: Tailor announcements and posts to specific locations to ensure targeted communication.

By setting up locations in Elvanto, you can streamline the management of your church’s multiple campuses, ensuring that members only see relevant information and administrators can efficiently manage activities and communications.