Admin and Member Area Comparison

The Elvanto program is comprised of two distinct areas: the Admin Area and the Member Area.

Admin Area

The Admin Area is the back-end and administration area where you manage your database and the different settings related to your account. It’s here where you’ll build and create the different areas related to your church – things like people’s information, groups, service plans, giving statements, and reports.

Member Area

The Member Area is predominantly used for volunteers and people you want to communicate with. It’s where a person can access their roster, the Member Directory and any posts or pages you’ve set up from within the Admin Area.

How users access these areas

Within your account, each ‘active’ person can be allocated login details by an administrator to gain access to their account. We call these people ‘users’ throughout this guide. Users can access their account via an internet browser on any internet-enabled device, as it’s a web-based system.

Restricting Access

Both areas can be restricted in numerous ways to ensure users only get access to functions and information they need. Depending on what role a user has in their church, they’ll need access to one or both areas, both of which can be set up in Access Permissions.

For example, a user who serves on the music team would use the Member Area to access their roster and download songs. They wouldn’t need access to the Admin Area unless they were also involved in the department on an administrative level – doing things like setting up rosters, creating run-sheets or contacting volunteers. Another example would be a user who is a connect group leader – they would need access to their group in the Admin Area so they can write notes and submit reports. We’ll look at Access Permissions closer in a later article.

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