Understanding the Ticket List vs. Guest List in Elvanto Events

Navigating the intricacies of event management in Elvanto requires an understanding of different participant lists. At times, you may notice discrepancies between the Ticket List and the Guest List for an event. This article aims to clarify why these differences occur and which list may be most accurate for your needs.

Key Reasons for Discrepancies:

  • Unapproved Form Submissions: Attendees who have submitted a form but are not yet approved will appear on the Ticket List but not the Guest List.
  • Non-System Users Purchasing Tickets: If a new attendee, not in the system, buys a ticket through a form that doesn't add people to the system, they'll show up on the Ticket List alone.
  • Multiple Ticket Purchases by One Person: An individual purchasing several tickets will be counted multiple times on the Ticket List but only once on the Guest List.
  • Lack of Purchaser Details: When a ticket purchase form doesn't collect enough information about the buyer, we can't add them to the Guest List.
  • Manual Additions to the Guest List: Admins might add someone directly to the Guest List who doesn’t have a corresponding ticket.
  • Manual Removals from the Guest List: Admins might remove a person from the Guest List without canceling their tickets, leading to a mismatch.

Which List to Use:

  • The Ticket List: This is generally more accurate as it is less prone to manual adjustments by admins. It directly reflects every ticket sold or reserved for the event.
  • The Guest List: While useful, especially for check-in purposes, this list can be altered by admins and may not always reflect the complete picture.

Event Check-In Considerations:

If you are planning to use event check-in features, it's essential that attendees are included on the Guest List. To ensure a smooth check-in process, verify that the Guest List is updated to reflect all valid ticket holders.

For successful event management, it’s important to understand the distinctions between the Ticket List and the Guest List. Regularly reviewing and reconciling both lists will help you maintain accurate records and facilitate a seamless event experience for all attendees.




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