How to Create a Free Event with Registration

Whether you're organizing a community gathering, a church event, or any function where you need to manage attendees without charging a fee, this step-by-step article will walk you through creating a seamless registration process. From initiating your event to configuring the registration form, we've got you covered to ensure your event is a success.

 Create an Event

  1. Log into Elvanto.
    Note: You will need to be a super Admin or have Access Permissions which allow you to create and edit events and forms.
  2. Hover over Events.
  3. Select Add Event.
  4. Fill in the Details for your event.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Registration from the Event.
  7. Enter Total ticket available.
  8. Enter Name.
  9. Enter Limit.
  10. Leave the Price for Whole Event at zero for free tickets. 
  11. Select the Event is accepting registration check box under Accept Registration.
    Note: Follow this guide to create your registration form.
  12. Select Save.


You've successfully set up your event with free registration on Elvanto. By following the steps outlined in this article, you're now equipped to handle attendee management efficiently and without any cost to your guests.