Can Multiple Users share the same Email Address?

In some cases, users within the same household benefit from having a shared email address. Elvanto will allow profiles to have the same email address listed, however, admins and users need to be mindful of scenarios where sharing the same email address may hinder a user from logging in and accessing their Elvanto Profile. 

Elvanto Allows the Following Scenarios:

  • Multiple people sharing the same email address.
  • Logging into Elvanto using your associated email address (within the user profile) instead of the username (found under the Account and Volunteering tab). This is especially helpful when logging into the Elvanto App as the user’s email address is a required field.
    • This however does not work if anyone in the account is using the shared email address as their username
    • It also does not work correctly if multiple people with the same email address also have the same password

Login Examples Using the Same Email:

John Doe

Email: // username: jdoe // Password: 123456

Jane Doe

Email: // username: janedoe // Password: abcdefg


Jane could log in using: or janedoe and abcdefg

John could log in using: or jdoe and 123456


What happens if Jane updates her username to her email address?

Jane can now log in using: and abcdefg

John can only log in using jdoe and 123456

Note: Elvanto does not allow users to share the same username. In this example, John would not be able to update his username to, because it is already taken by Jane. He would also no longer be able to use this email address to login and access Elvanto.