How to View My Schedule / Roster

Are you scheduled to serve in an upcoming service at your church? Elvanto's roster tab makes it easy to view your upcoming services, access the songs you'll need, and even print them out for practice. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you're fully prepared for your role in the upcoming service.

How to View and Prepare for Upcoming Services Using Elvanto's Roster Tab

  1. Logging In to the Member Area:

    • Log into your Elvanto account. The interface you see may slightly differ based on your church's customization and your role (admin or member).
  2. Responding to Service Requests:

    • After logging in, check for any upcoming services you haven't responded to.
    • Go to the 'Roster' tab or select 'Respond to Requests' from your dashboard notification.
    • Accept or decline your scheduled requests as needed.
  3. Viewing Your Schedule:

    • Once you've responded to requests, revisit the 'Roster' tab.
    • Here, you can view details of your upcoming services, including roles assigned to you (e.g., acoustic guitar), rehearsal times, and soundcheck schedules.
  4. Accessing Songs for the Service:

    • In the 'Songs' section of each service, you'll find the list of songs in the order they will be played.
    • Use the 'Attachments' dropdown to access and view song PDFs.
    • You can print these songs or download them to your device for practice.
  5. Navigating to Song Files:

    • In the roster area, you can also access the 'Files' section.
    • Here, you can download or print additional materials needed for the service.
  6. Editing the Service (for Admins):

    • If you have admin rights, you have the option to edit the entire service.
    • Simply click 'Edit Service' in the roster area to make necessary adjustments.
  7. Customizing Your Schedule View:

    • Adjust your schedule view to display only upcoming services or include past services as well.
  8. Exploring the Songs Library:

    • If permitted, you can also access the entire songs library in the 'Songs' tab.
    • This feature allows you to download songs for individual practice.


With these simple steps, you can efficiently manage your service schedule, access all necessary materials, and ensure you’re well-prepared for your role in the church's services. Remember, some features might look different based on your church's customization and your access level.