What to do When Two People Have the Same Name in the System?


This article, we would like to share a couple different ways that you can distinguish between profiles that have the exact same name.


Option 1: Set profile pictures to help keep those two separate profiles apart visually:

  1. Locate the profile by hovering over People > select All People > type the name in the search bar and select the profile
  2. Click on the profile image and follow these instructions to update the profile image


Option 2: Assign “nicknames” in the preferred name field.

  1. Select People.
  2. Select the person you would like to differentiate. 
  3. Enter Preferred Name.
  4. Select Save.

If you do not see the Preferred Name field in the persons profile follow the below steps.

Click here to learn more about adding built in or custom profile fields to your People Category layout. When using the preferred name as an internal indicator, you will also need to hide this field from the user/member facing “My Profile” view. 

  1. Once you have completed the steps in the linked articles above, navigate to Settings.
  2. Locate and select People.
  3. Under Name Formatting, choose the desired name display as shown below: