I’m Experiencing Slow Download Speeds When Accessing My Elvanto Account

There’s a number of things to check for if you’re experiencing slow download speeds on your account.

Firstly, ensure your computer and software match our system requirements. Having an up-to-date browser and certain settings enabled ensures an optimized experience of the software. Having multiple browser extensions and plugins can cause browsing to slow down, too.

A good way to test whether this is the case is to visit other websites. Compare the loading time – if other websites are slow or dropping out, it may well be your internet connection. Slow connection can be caused if your ISP is experiencing issues or if there are a lot of users online during peak times.

Another way to test is from another internet connection. If you can try from home or on your smart phone with wifi turned off (so that you’re using your phone carriers internet), this is a good way to compare.

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