How to Book an Asset

In Elvanto, booking assets for your events is a streamlined process that ensures efficient use and management of church resources. The system's integrated conflict notification and approval process help maintain an organized approach to asset allocation.

How to Book an Asset:

  1. When creating or editing an event, navigate to the Assets section.
  2. Select the assets you wish to book by ticking the corresponding checkboxes.
  3. Save the event to confirm your asset bookings.
    Note: The system will automatically check for booking conflicts and notify you if any exist.
  4. Booked assets will appear on the calendar for the event organizer or users with event editing privileges.
  5. If approval is required for new asset bookings, the asset will be marked as pending, and an email will be sent to the asset administrators for approval.
  6. Upon approval or rejection, an email update will be dispatched to the event organizer. However, if the event organizer is the approver, no email will be sent to avoid redundancy.
    Note: Booking conflicts are handled promptly by the system, ensuring that all assets are optimally utilized and managed without overlap. The approval process is vital to maintain order and proper scheduling, especially when multiple events are taking place.


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