How to Accept Event Attendance from a Form

You can allow people to register their attendance for an event using a form that you’ve added to your account. This method does not allow you to offer tickets or accept payments. Follow these steps to set up event attendance registration using forms.

Registering Attendance Using a Form

By Editing the Form:

  1. Enable Event Attendance:

    • When editing a form, turn on the ‘Event Attendance’ option.
  2. Set Event Options:

    • Configure the available options and search for events to add to the form.
  3. Use the Date Picker:

    • Use the ‘Find events on’ date picker to list all occurrences of a repeating event or just a single occurrence on a specific date.
  4. Add the Choose Events Field:

    • Add the ‘Choose Events’ field to your form layout to allow visitors to select the events when filling in the form.
  5. Set Future Occurrences:

    • Set the “Future Occurrences” number to control which events will appear.

By Editing the Event:

  1. Register via Form:

    • When editing an event, choose the ‘Register via form’ option and select the name of the form you want to use for registrations.
  2. Automatic Enablement:

    • This will automatically turn on ‘Event Attendance’ for the selected form if it’s not already enabled.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage event attendance registrations through forms in your system.