How to Add Event Registration with Tickets and Payments to a Form

Before adding event registration to a form, ensure you have created your event and enabled registration. This is where you set up your tickets, pricing, and other details. Follow these steps to integrate event registration into your form.

Adding Event Registration to a Form:

  1. Create and Enable Event Registration:

    • Ensure your event is created and registration is enabled, including setting up tickets, pricing, and other necessary details.
  2. Create a Registration Form:

    • Create a new registration form or select an existing form to edit.
  3. Edit Your Form:

    • Scroll down to the event heading within the form editor.
    • Search for your event by name or date.
    • Once you find the event, click the ‘Add’ button.
  4. Save Your Form:

    • After editing and adding the event to your form, click ‘Save’ to finalize the changes.

Your registration form is now ready to use, allowing attendees to register for your event seamlessly.