Understanding the Elvanto LIVE Interface

Launching Elvanto LIVE

From the Admin Area

Go to Services > Upcoming Services and select service you want to use Elvanto LIVE. Once the page loads, then simply click the ‘Live’ button located on the top of the service page. If there is more than one service time, a modal will appear to let you choose which service to access.

From the Member Area

For people without admin access, Elvanto LIVE can be accessed by going to the Roster tab in the Member Area.

Working with the Elvanto Live Interface

1 – Countdown Timer and Current Time

The Countdown Timer displays a few things:

  • Counts down to the start of a service

  • Counts down each individual item when it’s running

  • Shows how far behind you are running with an item

  • You can also click on the countdown timer to change how many minutes it will count down from.

2 – Service Information

In this section, you can view details about that service such as the date, time and service type.

3 – Controller Navigation

The ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons are only visible to the person in control. This is where the person in control can navigate through the service as different items from start and finish.

4 – Service Plan

If your service has a Service Plan set up, you can view the whole plan on the left-hand side.

The middle section shows you the current and upcoming service items in more detail (eg, you can view notes and attachments).

5 – Service & Personal Notes

Select ‘Notes’ to view Service or Personal notes.

Select ‘Service’ to see any notes written for the service. Service Notes are also locked down to departments assigned for the volunteer using Elvanto Live. Since a Super Admin has access to everything, they are still able to see all the notes written for the service.

Select ‘Personal’ to record any notes that you may have for a service. At any time, you can save a copy of the notes by emailing yourself a copy of the notes. Put in a valid email address when this window appears.

6 – Who’s Online & Chat

See who is currently logged in and communicate with other people logged into Elvanto LIVE. This is great to communicate to your service team regarding anything to do with the service – i.e. cues, issues or anything else.

How to use Elvanto Live

We’ve included separate instructions how to use Elvanto Live for your services. See this article for more information.

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