Elvanto Live

Elvanto LIVE allows you to run your service through a live and interactive system from a single window on the day of the service.


Rather than viewing a static service plan on the day, this feature offers the ability to chat with others tuned in, utilize a timer and any notes referenced in the plan.


How it works

  1. You create a service plan for a service with all the items and durations that will be coming up in that service.

  2. On the day of the service, your team log in to Elvanto LIVE for that service.

  3. One of your team members will be the controller of the service. They are the one responsible for clicking the ‘Next’ button when a new item in the service is underway (e.g. when Praise & Worship finishes, they click next to move onto Prayer & Good News Reports).

  4. Your team can view the different items coming up in the service, view a countdown timer, chat with other people to communicate information across fields, plus a few other nifty little features.

Elvanto LIVE


We recommend limiting the amount of people who are talking in the chat. Too many people talking in the Elvanto LIVE chat can make a team miss an important change.
Volunteers like the Communion team, or the Offering team may only need one person following the chat, in case their place in the service is moved.


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