Elvanto Live

Elvanto LIVE allows you to run your service through a live and interactive system from a single window on the day of the service. Instead of viewing a static service plan, this feature offers the ability to chat with others tuned in, utilize a timer, and reference any notes in the plan.

How It Works

  1. Create a Service Plan: Create a service plan for a service with all the items and durations that will be included.
  2. Log In on Service Day: On the day of the service, your team logs in to Elvanto LIVE for that service.
  3. Service Controller: One team member acts as the controller, responsible for clicking the ‘Next’ button to move to the next item in the service (e.g., moving from Praise & Worship to Prayer & Good News Reports).
  4. Team Interaction: Your team can view upcoming service items, use a countdown timer, chat with others to communicate information, and use other features.

Tips for Using Elvanto LIVE

  • Limit the number of people talking in the chat to avoid missing important changes.
  • Assign specific volunteers, like those on the Communion or Offering team, to follow the chat in case their place in the service is moved.
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