Joining a Group

Elvanto's Group Finder feature allows members to easily find and join groups within their church. This guide will walk you through using the Group Finder from the Member Area, including accessing group information, filtering search results, and joining a group.

Steps to Use the Group Finder

  1. From within the Member Area, click on the Group Finder link in the menu
    Note: The exact positioning of this link will depend on the menu structure set by your church.
  3. The Group Finder will display a map showing the locations of various groups and a list of these groups.

  4. If desired, click the blue icon on the top-right to hide the map and only view the list of groups.

  5. Click the filter icon on the top left to filter the groups based on available criteria set by the account settings.

  6. Click on a group's name to load more details about that specific group.

  7. Join a Group:

    1. Click the Join Group button on the group's detail page.
    2. Fill in the form to provide your information.
    3. Use the Friends or Family button to add details about other members who wish to join the group with you.
    4. Note: Each field in the form is required for each person when applying to join.

Things to Consider

  • Menu Structure:
    • The Group Finder link's position will vary depending on how your church has set up the Member Area menu.
  • Interactive Map:
    • Users can interact with the map to find groups near them or use the list view if they prefer not to use the map.
  • Required Fields:
    • When joining a group, all fields in the application form are mandatory for each applicant.

By following these steps, members can easily find and join groups that suit their interests and needs within their church community.

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