Contacting a Group Leader through Group Finder

Group Finder in Elvanto is a fantastic tool that allows members to request to join and contact group leaders directly before joining a group. Here’s how you can use this feature effectively.

Contacting a Group Leader

  1. Navigate to the Group Page

    • Locate the group you are interested in joining.
  2. Click "Contact Group Leader"

    • On the group page, click the blue button labeled “Contact Group Leader.”
  3. Provide Your Information

    • Enter your name and email address in the prompted fields.
    • Write your message to the group leader.
  4. Send Your Message

    • Once you submit your information, the message will be sent to the group leader.
    • Your details will remain private between you and the group leader.
  5. Responding to Replies

    • When the group leader replies, you will receive an email.
    • The email will contain a link to respond, which will take you to the Elvanto ChMS system where you can reply.

Note: This process is separate from creating or accessing an Elvanto account.

Group Leader Response Process

  1. Ensure Group Leader Designation

    • Make sure a Group Leader is assigned to each group. Without an assigned leader, the “Contact Group Leader” button will not be available.
  2. Receiving Contact Requests

    • When a member sends a contact request, the group leader will receive an email notification.
    • The email will include the name of the person, their message, and a link to reply.
  3. Replying to Messages

    • The link in the email will direct the group leader to Elvanto.
    • The group leader will need to log in to verify their identity and then reply to the message through the system.

Note: All replies are managed through the Elvanto system to ensure privacy and security.

Group Finder makes it easy for members to reach out to group leaders and inquire about joining a group. By following these steps, members can contact leaders, and leaders can manage and respond to inquiries efficiently. This streamlined communication helps facilitate better engagement and smoother group management within your church community.