Contacting a Group Leader through Group Finder

With Group Finder, members can request to join and contact the group leader before joining a group. 🎉

How do I contact a Group Leader?

On the group page, simply click the blue button "Contact Group Leader."

You will be asked for your name and email to send the Group Leader a message. This information is kept private between yourself and the Group Leader.

Once you receive a reply email, within the email there will be a link to respond. This will take you to the Elvanto ChMS system to reply.

Please Note: This is not connected to any existing or new account creation in Elvanto.

How does a Group Leader respond?

  1. Ensure a Group Leader is designated for each group. If there is not someone designated, there will be no button to contact the group leader.

  2. Once a contact request has been sent, the group leader will receive an email with the name of the person reaching out, their message, and a link to reply. This link will send them to Elvanto, where they will login to show they are the leader of the group and be able to reply to the message.

Please Note: All email replies will be done through the system.

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