Importing People Notes into Elvanto

Importing people notes into your account is a simple and straightforward process.


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  • Download sample import file (CSV)

  • Fields that can be imported

  • Performing your import

Download sample import file (CSV)

For an example of how the CSV must be formatted, view the sample below.



Fields that can be imported

The following fields can currently be imported:


  • Note
    -  Date Added
    -  Note Categories (for more than one, separate with a comma)
    -  Private Note (Yes or No)
    -  Note Type (Action, Call Back, Call In, Call Out, Meeting)

  • Person
    -  First Name
    -  Last Name
    -  Full Name
    -  Full Name (Last, First E.g: Smith, John)

  • Created by (who wrote the note)
    -  First Name
    -  Last Name
    -  Full Name
    -  Full Name (Last, First E.g: Smith, John)

  • Scheduled for (who is scheduled to complete the note)
    -  First Name
    -  Last Name
    -  Full Name
    -  Full Name (Last, First E.g: Smith, John)
    -  Date Completed

Performing your import

To perform the import, log in to your Elvanto account and navigate to the Admin Area. Click on to People Import. Once the page has loaded, select your import file to upload, and choose that you would like to import ‘Notes’ and then choose your date format. Once done, click ‘Continue’.


Your import file will then upload to our server. This may take some time, depending on the size of your import file and internet speed. A page will then load and ask for you to match each column to a field in Elvanto.


Double check that your columns match correctly. From here, you’re good to go! Once you are happy, click the ‘Import’ button.


Once your import is complete, you will receive a notification and a record of how many records were added.


Need us to review your import file?


Our customer service team can review your import file prior to you performing the import. Feel free to contact us at any time at the chat bubble below.

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