Importing People into Elvanto

Congratulations, you’re about to import people into Elvanto! We’ll give you some pointers below to help you through the process smoothly. This guide covers everything from downloading sample import files to performing your import and everything in between.

Sample Import Files

Download Sample Files:

Things to Consider

Retain Individual ID:

  • Retain the individual ID from your old database to help match new data with the correct person, especially useful for multiple imports.
  • If using an old database ID, create a custom field for it. Note that the inbuilt ‘Member ID’ in Elvanto is different from this custom ID.

Custom Fields:

  • Match import columns to the custom fields you’ve set up in Elvanto.
  • For custom fields with multiple options (e.g., dropdown or checkboxes), ensure values match exactly as displayed in the system.

Family & Relationships:

  • Use family identifiers to link family members during import. This could be a single digit or a string of characters.
  • Ensure family relationships are converted to ‘Primary Contact’ and ‘Spouse’ if your old database uses different terms like ‘husband’ or ‘wife’.

Marital Status:

  • Utilize values: Single, Engaged, Married, Partner, Widowed, Divorced, and Separated. Check and adjust these titles if necessary before import.

Volunteers, Contacts, Archived, Deceased:

  • If your previous database uses a column for these statuses (e.g., with a 1), use the ‘Find and Replace’ tool to put a Yes in the column for those you wish to import accordingly.
  • Accepted values: Yes, No (leave blank if not applicable).

Departments, Demographics, Locations, etc.:

  • You can import by names or individual columns. Separate multiple values with commas if using names.

Date Fields:

  • Date formats must be dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Other date formats or formats including timestamps are not accepted.

Performing Your Import

  1. Log In:

    • Navigate to Admin Area → People → Import.
  2. Upload Your File:

    • Select your import file to upload.
    • Choose to import ‘People’ and select your date format. Click ‘Continue’.
  3. Match Columns:

    • Match each column to a field in Elvanto. Use overwrite options if updating existing people:
      • Do not overwrite column for existing people.
      • Only overwrite this column if the field is empty for existing people.
  4. Configure Handling for New and Duplicate People:

    • Double-check that your columns match correctly. Click the ‘Import’ button to start the import process.
  5. Import Completion:

    • You will receive a notification and a record of how many records were updated.

Additional Tips:

  • Member Directory Settings:

    • Turn off automatic addition and confirmation emails for new people during import to avoid sending unnecessary emails.
  • Need Help?

    • Our customer service team can review your import file prior to importing. Contact us through the chat bubble below for assistance.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to smoothly import your people data into Elvanto and ensure all your information is correctly integrated.