Impact of Removing Admins or Account Owners in Tithely on Elvanto Roles

Managing user roles and access privileges is a critical aspect of church administration. Learn about the consequences of removing Admins or Account Owners in Tithely on their corresponding Elvanto roles and access permissions.

How It Works:

  • Downgrading or removing Tithely Admins/Account Owners revokes their Super Admin status in Elvanto.
  • Default access permissions in Elvanto take precedence after any role change in Tithely.
  • Deleting a Tithely user does not remove them from Elvanto, maintaining their access permissions based on their Elvanto profile.

Quick Notes:

  • Role changes in Tithely directly affect Elvanto access and privileges.
  • Maintaining accurate and updated user roles is essential for seamless platform management.
  • Deletion in Tithely does not equate to removal in Elvanto, highlighting the need for manual profile management in Elvanto.
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