Identifying and Resolving Unflagged and Misclassified Records

Encountering duplicate records in Elvanto can stem from various scenarios—be it administrative oversight leading to double entries or users inadvertently creating multiple accounts. But what if you, as an administrator, spot a duplicate that Elvanto hasn't flagged, or need to revert a record previously marked as 'not a duplicate'? This guide outlines effective strategies to identify, manage, and resolve these common but tricky situations, ensuring your database remains accurate and streamlined.

Getting Elvanto to Recognize Duplicates:

  • Adjust First & Last Names of the user in question.
    • If the names do not match up exactly this may be the reason Elvanto does not recognize the duplicate record.
  • Previously marked as 'Not Duplicate'.
    • If you have previously marked a duplicate user as 'Not Duplicate' here are the steps to undo this.
      1. Log into Elvanto
      2. Hover over People.
      3. Select Duplicates.
      4. Merge all existing duplicates.
      5. Once all duplicates are merged a button will appear View 'Not Duplicate' List.
        Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 2.19.55 PM.png
      6. Once you select View 'Not Duplicate' List locate the user and select Remove 'Not Duplicate' Record.
      7. Navigate back to the Duplicates page and merge duplicates.