Training Volunteers to use Elvanto Check-In

Ensuring your volunteers are correctly trained in using the check-in system is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of your youth. Proper training helps volunteers perform check-ins correctly, ensuring a smooth and safe process.

Training Volunteers on How to Use Check-In

Checklist for Training Volunteers

  1. Number of Labels to Print:

    • Ensure volunteers know if any particular room needs an extra set of labels printed.
  2. Checking Security and Session Codes:

    • Teach volunteers how to check security codes and session codes.
    • Make sure they understand the difference between the two.
    • Emphasize that session codes change each time a member is checked in, and they should always look for the correct session codes.
  3. Using the Check-In All Button:

    • Explain when to use the Check-In All button (checks every person in the family into every available service).
    • Clarify when to check-in individual youth.
  4. Understanding Check-In Labels:

    • Train volunteers on what information is included on the check-in labels.
    • Ensure they know how to read and interpret the information on the labels.
  5. Print Stations and Label Pickup:

    • Inform volunteers where the print stations are located.
    • Explain what different rooms print to which stations.
    • If you have room-specific print stations, make sure volunteers direct members to the correct stations for label pickup.
    • If you are not using room-specific print stations, mention that this will not be an issue.

Ensuring Youth Are Checked Out Correctly

  • Volunteers should follow proper procedures for checking youth out, ensuring the safety and security of all members.
  • Remind volunteers to verify the session codes and names during check-out to ensure they match.

By following this guide and checklist, you can ensure your volunteers are well-prepared to use the check-in system efficiently and securely, maintaining a safe environment for your youth.