How to Send a Test SMS

Managing communication effectively is crucial in any congregation. One of the most immediate and direct ways to reach your members is through SMS. Before you start sending mass texts, it’s advisable to conduct a test to ensure that the SMS integration is set up correctly and functioning as expected. In this guide, we walk you through the easy steps on how to send a test SMS to yourself.

Testing SMS

  1. Log into Elvanto as an Admin.
  2. Set Up SMS Integration
    Note: Follow the steps in the article: Getting Started with SMS in Elvanto
  3. Select People from the navigation menu. 
  4. Search for and select your profile (Or the profile you would like to use as a test contact).
  5. Select Contact People.

  6. A window will appear, click the SMS Only tab.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to compose your SMS and click "Send Test SMS" at the bottom of your screen. The test SMS will be sent to the logged in user (mobile number listed within their profile) who is initiating the test SMS.
  8. Go to your profile Activity tab to confirm if the message has been sent or received.
  9. Verify on the phone to see if the text message was received.

Sending a test SMS is a straightforward yet essential step to ensure your messages reach the intended recipients accurately and promptly. This quick check ensures that the SMS integration is functioning optimally and helps avoid potential communication mishaps when sending mass texts to your congregation. With these easy steps, you’re now equipped to validate your SMS system’s efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that your messages are delivered timely and accurately to your congregation members.