How to Enable Groups to Appear in the Member Area

In Elvanto, you have the flexibility to determine which group categories appear in the Member Area, providing transparency and accessibility to your members. Learn how to enable specific categories to appear in the Member Area by navigating through the Group Categories settings. Additionally, discover how members can choose to be visible within groups and customize the visibility of their contact information to other members.

  1. To enable specific categories to appear in the Member Area first go to Groups > Categories.
  2. From here select the Group Category you want to appear in the member area. When the edit page for that category loads you’ll find a ‘Member Area’ section. From here click on the ‘Yes’ checkbox for ‘Show groups in the Member Area’.
  3. By default group members are hidden from the Member Area to protect privacy. Members can decide if they would like to be visible to other members and also limit the visibility of their contact information. This can be done from the Privacy Settings page in "My Profile".
    1. Hover over your name in the top right corner of your screen > select "Profile".
    2. From the left menu bar click on "Privacy Settings".
    3. Click "Groups" and tick the box to show your profile within the respective group. Additionally to your name appearing in the group, you can also choose display and share your email address, phone and/or mobile number.