How to Check for Individual Donations

There are a couple of ways you can view individuals donations made by your church members.

From a person’s ‘Activity’ tab

Recorded donations from people should appear automatically in the financial area of a person’s ‘Activity’ tab. In order to view this tab, you will need permission. Only people with access to the financial area can view financial activity.

Checking payments within batches

You can keep track of individual donations by viewing your batches under the Financial page.

If your Elvanto account has been integrated with an online giving provider, the batch name for an online provider puts in their name of the giving solution and date to help distinguish between payments. This makes tracking payments much easier for your financial staff to view when working in this area.

Here are some example batch names given below:

  • #37: Continue To Give 2014-07-21

  • #36: 2014-07-30

Your church may have an existing way of naming your batches in Elvanto. As long as you know which batch corresponds to which, then this process should provide a clear way for your staff to view donations in Elvanto.

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