How to set up a Service Type

To create a Service Type, navigate to Services > Service Types.

When the page loads, click the ‘Add New Service Type’ button.

Service Type Details

Enter in the details for the new Service Type, including its name, which location it is connected to, and what name it would have. You can also specify default times for the particular service type, and rehearsal times. You can also add a logo to be used for services of this service type.

Service Plans Departments are useful in identifying those departments to contact. For example, you may want to choose to talk to a Producer or to a Service Director for each service.

Click the Save button to continue.


Choose the departments, sub-departments and positions that are relevant to this service type. For example, you may not need the ‘Hosting department’ for a ‘Kids’ service type.Clicking show or hide will affect all child sub-departments or positions that are relevant for the department. Simply click on ‘hide this’ to hide a department / sub-department / position.

  • If you hide a department, it hides all sub-departments and all positions

  • If you hide a sub-department, it hides all positions for that sub-department

  • If you hide a position, it doesn’t affect other positions, sub-departments or departments.

You can also specify how many positions are needed for this service type. For exampleAn example of this would be on a Sunday Morning service, you need 1 Acoustic Guitarist. At a Sunday Night service, you need 2 Acoustic Guitarists. Recording the volunteers needed for a position also makes the auto-scheduling tool function correctly. Leave as 0 if there are no specific number of people required for a position.

In addition to setting which positions/sub-departments/departments are required entirely, you can also setup default service and other times for the different departments/sub-departments/positions.To do this click on the small  icon next to the Show/Hide button.

This will bring up a window where you can select whether you want to inherit from the Department/Sub-department, if you chose it from a Sub-department or Position, or you can choose to customize the options.

Reporting Template

You can choose to show or hide specific Reporting fields to include when submitting Service Reports. By default, all reporting fields are shown but you can choose to hide any specific fields by using this Service Type. To customize reporting fields, find ‘Custom Statistics’ in the ‘How to Track Service Reporting‘ article.

Service Plan Template

On this page, you can create a Service Plan template to use for any services created using this Service Type. You can create heading snap items that will be pre-filled for any services you create in the future. Click here to see how to edit a service plan. Once you’re done setting up a Service Plan template, you’re free to navigate away to other parts of the site. We auto-save your work for you.

What gets Affected by Changes to a Service Type

Currently, only the following aspects of already created services will be affected by making changes to service types?

  • Hidden/Shown departments/sub-departments and positions under Departments tab

  • Hidden/Shown Reporting fields under Reporting tab

  • Service Logo under Details tab

The following are not automatically changed for already created services.

  • Service Times

  • Service Plan

  • Service Plan Departments

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