How to set up a Service Type

Creating a Service Type in Elvanto helps you organize and manage various aspects of your services efficiently. Follow these steps to set up a Service Type, customize it according to your needs, and understand what changes will affect existing services.

Steps to Create a Service Type

  1. Navigate to Service Types:

    • Go to Services > Service Types.
  2. Add New Service Type:

    • Click the ‘Add New Service Type’ button.

Service Type Details

  1. Enter Details:

    • Fill in the name, location, default times, and rehearsal times for the new Service Type.
    • Add a logo if necessary.
  2. Specify Service Plans Departments:

    • Choose departments to contact, like a Producer or Service Director.
  3. Save the Service Type:

    • Click the ‘Save’ button to continue.


  1. Manage Departments:

    • Choose the relevant departments, sub-departments, and positions for this Service Type.
    • Use the ‘Show/Hide’ button to manage visibility.
  2. Specify Positions:

    • Indicate the number of positions needed for each service. Leave as 0 if there are no specific requirements.
  3. Set Default Times:

    • Customize default service and other times for different departments/sub-departments/positions by clicking the small icon next to the Show/Hide button.

Reporting Template

  1. Customize Reporting Fields:

Service Plan Template

  1. Create Service Plan Template:
    • Set up a template for any services created using this Service Type. This includes heading snap items that will be pre-filled for future services.
    • Refer to the how to edit a service plan article for more details.

What Gets Affected by Changes to a Service Type

  1. Affected Aspects:

    • Hidden/Shown departments/sub-departments and positions under the Departments tab.
    • Hidden/Shown Reporting fields under the Reporting tab.
    • Service Logo under the Details tab.
  2. Unaffected Aspects:

    • Service Times.
    • Service Plan.
    • Service Plan Departments.

Things to Consider

  • Customizing your Service Type ensures that each service is managed efficiently and meets the specific needs of your church.
  • Regularly update and review your Service Types to adapt to any changes or new requirements.