How to Print Your Giving Statement

This guide will walk you through the steps to easily retrieve your tax receipts, ensuring you have all the necessary documentation for your tax filing. As long as your church has given you access and enabled the “My Giving” view in the Elvanto Member Area, you will have the ability to download and print your end-of-year giving statements in just a few clicks! 

Note: The Elvanto Member Area > My Giving page will display a donor’s giving history, but will only show an official tax statement, if the church or organization has published giving statements to be available. Please contact your church’s or organization’s admin directly if you cannot locate your end of year tax statement by following the instructions listed in this article.


Access Your Giving Statement

    1. Log into the Elvanto Member Area. 
    2. Navigate to My Giving across the main menu bar. 
    3. Locate your latest giving statement and click “Download”. You can also access any previous giving statements by clicking “View All”.
    4. This page will also show any existing Pledges and a detailed donation history.

Important Things to Note

  • Elvanto provides the platform for managing donations, but the issuing of tax receipts is handled by the individual church or organization.
  • Please contact your church’s or organization’s admin directly should you find any discrepancies on your tax receipt. 
  • Ensure that your email and mailing addresses are up-to-date in your Elvanto profile to receive all communications regarding your donations.
  • The statement that generates is the template your church has created and put in place for you to use and cannot be changed from the donor's view.