Why Can't I Log Into the Elvanto App

We've all encountered login errors on various sites or apps. This article provides guidance on troubleshooting such errors when logging into Elvanto.

Things to Check

  1. Latest Version of the Elvanto App: Ensure you have the latest version installed.

  2. Valid Email Address: When logging into the Elvanto App for the first time, it will require the user to log in utilizing the email address associated with the user's profile. After the first successful login, the Elvanto App will prompt the user to either utilize their email address or user name to access their church's or organization's account. 

  3. Error Messages: If you receive an error, double-check that your username and password are entered correctly. If necessary, click Forgot password? to reset it.

    login error.jpeg
  4. URL Change Error: If your church has changed its web URL, uninstall and reinstall the app to clear the cache. For Android users: you may need to manually clear your app cache and data by navigating to your device Settings > Apps > Elvanto > Storage > clear data and/or cache

  5. Issues with Member Area: If you are logged into the App but cannot access your member area, you may need to log back in after a period of inactivity. Adjust your Elvanto App settings on your device to remain logged in.

    Android Elvanto App_Settings.jpg