How to Duplicate a Service

Duplicating services in Elvanto allows administrators to quickly create a copy of an existing service, replicating key details and reducing the time spent on service planning. The Service Duplication feature enables admins to duplicate an existing service, including all information from the "Edit" and "Plan" tabs. This includes service times, descriptions, plan items, songs, and their attachments, as well as notes and descriptions for each service item.

How to Duplicate Services

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area.
    Start by accessing the Admin area of your Elvanto account.
  2. Select Services.
  3. Select the service you would like to duplicate.
  4. Click on the Duplicate Service button located under the Actions area while viewing the service.
  5. A prompt will appear for confirmation. Confirm to proceed with the duplication.
  6. The new service will appear with "(Copy)" in its name and will be in an unpublished status, edit and publish you service.

What Gets Duplicated

  • Service Times and Descriptions: The specific times and descriptions set for the original service are duplicated.
  • Plan Items: All items in the service plan, including songs and attachments.
  • Notes and Descriptions: Any notes and detailed descriptions associated with each service item.

What Doesn’t Get Duplicated

  • Overall 'Service Files': These files are not included in the duplication process.
  • Comments on Service Items: Comments from the original service are not duplicated.
  • Volunteer Rostering and Previous Service Data: This includes any reporting or check-in data related to the original service.

Editing the Duplicated Service After duplication, you can edit the new service as needed. This includes changing dates, times, and other service details. Remember, the service will remain in draft status until you decide to publish it.