Edit Multiple: Sending out a Single Email Request

This article explains how to schedule volunteers for several different services, utilizing the Edit Multiple tool, while only sending one combined volunteer request email, listing all requested service times and dates. 

Note: Automatic Emails or SMS will not be sent to volunteers who have been rostered in Edit Multiple. All services must be switched to draft mode before rostering your volunteers. Failure to set services to draft will result in individual emails being sent to volunteers. 

Step by Step Rostering Process

  1. Select Services > Upcoming Services > Edit Multiple
  2. Choose any future services to edit and select any applicable filters.
  3. Click Choose to proceed.

  4. Important: make sure to un-publish all your selected services before proceeding, by deselecting the check mark as shown in the image below.

  5. You are now ready to begin rostering your volunteers. Take a look at this related article for more information on scheduling volunteers. 
  6. Once all your volunteers have been scheduled, scroll to the top of the page and:
    1. Mark all your services as published
    2. Click the contact button to send your volunteers one, single scheduling request email containing all requested dates and service times

  7. Follow all Contact Volunteer prompts to send out your email and the finished result should arrive in your volunteer’s inbox looking similar to this example:

Sending one cohesive scheduling email is a great way to keep your volunteer’s inbox clean and avoid confusion that may arise whenever multiple email requests are being sent out.