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After adding lyrics to your song arrangement, you can also insert the chords so that your volunteers can print out chord charts. They will also be able to transpose the chord charts into different keys that you specify.

Adding in a Song Arrangement

To add a chord chart to a song, you’ll firstly need to create a song. Once the song has been added, click on the song title and ‘Add’ under the ‘Arrangements’ heading in the sidebar.

Add in a name of your arrangement and include a starting key for the song, otherwise chords will not be generated.


Go to the ‘Lyrics & Chords’ tab, and enter in your chords to the lyrics in the text field shown below.

Downloading the Custom Chord Chart from Admin Area

To see if the chords are generated properly, go back to the ‘Keys’ tab. If the song has been created with a key, you should be able to see a ‘Download Chord Chart’ link on this page. If no key has been recorded against the song, add in a key for the song, and the link should appear.


It will then generate a PDF based on the starting key, and it places chords above the lyrics.

Downloading the Custom Chord Chart from Member Area

Go to the Songs link from the main menu in the Member Area. On this page, simply select the song title, and under the title of the arrangement, click on the chart you want to download.


When the page loads, you will get a similar result to downloading the chord chart from the Admin Area.

Last Updated: 27th November, 2015