How to Change the Church Name Within Your Elvanto Account

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If your church name has changed and needs to be updated with Elvanto, there are a few places you need to go to do this.

Account Settings

A Super Admin can simply log into the Admin Area and head over to Settings in the User Nav. From there click on Account. From here they can change the name for the entire account.


The second place to edit is your layouts. Simply navigate to Settings in the User Nav. From there click on Layouts. On this page you can edit your layouts to reflect your new name.

Email & Letter Header / Footer

You may have created a email and letter header or footer that needs to be updated. Go to Settings in the User Nav. From there click on Emails & Letters.

Built-in Contact Templates

Most Built-in Contact Templates have a special placeholder to insert your church name. However, if you added in your name manually, you can navigate to Emails & Letters > Built-in Templates.

Email & Letter Templates

If you created some email and letter templates, go to Emails & Letters and update your templates to reflect the name change.

Other Areas

Other areas may contain your old church name, so we recommend going through the other sections with Settings located under the User Nav, just in case you used your name in something like a Giving Statement message.

Last Updated: 31st August, 2015

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