How to Generate a Services Volunteer Position Report

To generate a Services Volunteer Position Report, navigate to Reports > All Built-in Reports > Services.

Service - Reports

Select Volunteer Positions.

Report - Volunteer Positions

Clicking this will bring up a window where you can change define the parameters of the report. What each setting does is described below.

1 – Date Range

This Setting allows you to set the timeframe you want to look at, and can be set as a dynamic range, looking at future or past services.

2 – Volunteer Status

This Setting allows you to only look at certain volunteers. It has 5 possible options:

  1. All Volunteers
  2. Confirmed & Unconfirmed
  3. Confirmed
  4. Unconfirmed
  5. Declined

3 – Include Status

This Setting allows you choose if you want to include the status of the volunteer in the output. This allows you to differentiate between Confirmed, Unconfirmed or Declined volunteers if you’ve selected “All Volunteers” or “Confirmed & Unconfirmed” volunteers above.

4 – Position Name Format

This Setting allows you to control how position names are formatted. It has 3 options, which also illustrate how they will format the name of the position.

  1. Department / Sub-Department / Position
  2. Sub-Department / Position
  3. Position

5 – X and Y Axis Settings.

The X Axis (Horizontal) setting will change what data is shown along the top of the report, and the Y Axis (Vertical) setting will change the data that is shown along the side of the report. Depending on what information you’re wanting to report on, you can change them accordingly. For example, if you’re wanting a list of the dates that volunteers served in different positions, you would select to have Services and Volunteers as the X and Y axis, and the departments information would appear in the body of the report, where as if you wanted to see the positions volunteers served on during time period, you would choose Volunteers and Services as the X and Y axis.

6 – Service Types

This Setting allows you to choose what services you want to look at based on the Service Type of the services. Choosing no service type will display all services.

7 – Departments

This Setting allows you to choose what volunteers you want to look at in the report. Selecting a department automatically selects all sub-department underneath it. Selecting nothing will show all volunteers tied to the services.

8 – Locations

This Setting allows you to choose what services you want to look at based on the Location of the services. Choosing no location will display all services.

9 – Output

Not available when setting up Comprehensive Reports, or emailed reports.

This allows yo quickly Export the report into the selected format, or you can select “Web” to view the report first and export it later as per this article.

Last Updated: 12th March, 2018

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