By default, reports that are generated are private to be only viewed by the creator. Since Super Admins can view everything in the Elvanto account, they can also view reports that are generated by any user.

Sharing Reports

From a Generated Report

Click on the ‘Share’ button located at the top right when viewing the report.

From the View Reports page

Click on the ‘Sharing’ link underneath a report that you would like to share.

Sharing Settings

After clicking the button to share the report, you will be given multiple share options. If you keep the report private, you can enter the names of users you would like to grant access to the report. You can limit those people to just viewing and exporting the report by selecting the appropriate setting.

Sharing Reports by Scheduling & Emailing a report

If you choose to schedule and email the report to people, they will have access to the report even if the report has been made private and they have not been given access through the Sharing Settings.

Last Updated: 30th November, 2016

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