How to Generate a Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive reports allow you to collate multiple reports and show the information all in one place.

To generate a comprehensive report, simply go to Reports > Add Custom Report > Comprehensive Report.

Comprehensive Report - Add

Then, give the report a title, and select a category for the report to fit under.

Comprehensive Report - Details

This will bring you to a report design screen. The next step is to add items to your comprehensive report. Do this by pressing the ‘Add Report Item’ button.

Comprehensive Report - Add Item

This will bring up a window for you to choose the reports you want inserted into the comprehensive report, or if you want any images or text inserted into the comprehensive report.

Comprehensive Report - Item Edit

Both Built in and Standard reports can be used in Comprehensive reports. You can also use the Text & Images option to add other information to the report.

After adding in the reports and other information you want entered, it will look like this.

Comprehensive Report - Overview

To see the final report, simply press the Generate Report button.

Comprehensive Report - Generate

The individual reports will now be generated and collated into a report.

Last Updated: 1st December, 2016