How to use the Mass Manage Tool

The ‘Mass Manage’ tool allows you to bulk update a selected list of people. You can use the ‘Mass Manage’ tool in any view when working with People.

Selecting People for Mass Manage

Select People by using Advanced Search or People View

First, generate an Advanced Search or a People View to bring up a list of people. Select the people you would like to mass manage by ticking the box next to their name. You can select everyone by ticking the box at the top right corner of the table, or by ticking the box to individual rows. The Mass Manage area will show if one or more boxes are ticked.

Select People using an existing People View

Alternatively, select one of the existing People Views available in this box. Under People Views, you have the ability to choose default views, people categories, saved People Views or by groups. Simply select one of these and people should be listed on the page.

Select all people

If the results go over 1 page, you have the option to select all people, even if they aren’t visible on the first page.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see an area marked as ‘Mass Manage’. Click on drop down menu and select what you would like to mass manage.

Mass Manage Actions

Action Description
Change People’s Field You can use this option to change any values in the Elvanto default fields or Custom Fields for the person.
Manage Groups You can add or remove the selected people to Groups that are in your Elvanto account.
Add to People Flow Add people to a specific People Flow or Step, or choose to assign a Step Administrator to the person.
Member Directory Settings You can choose this option to show or hide specific fields for the selection of people.
Delete Selected People You can delete a selection of people. See here to see what happens when you delete a person in Elvanto.

You can perform multiple actions at once, simply select the  button.

Last Updated: 31st August, 2015