How to Stop Volunteers from Self-Assigning Themselves to Certain Departments

You can allow people to choose what departments and positions that they serve in. This is great, but there may be some departments, sub-departments or positions that you don’t want to allow your volunteers to assign themselves to.

For example, you don’t want a volunteer to assign themselves as Worship Leader if they just joined the team, you would normally have a process they would go through. When they are ready, one of your administrators can assign them to the Worship Leader position via the Admin Area.

This is why we have a feature to allow you to disable volunteers from self-assigning themselves to certain positions. There are a few ways to do this.

First, go to Settings in the User Nav and once the page loads, select People.

Disabling an Entire Department

You can choose to disable an entire department from being displayed to volunteers when creating their account or editing their account details by ticking this checkbox in the department’s settings page (Settings in the User Nav > Departments):

Disabling Entire Sub-departments

Alternatively, there might be certain sub-departments you want to disable from being displayed to volunteers. To use this feature, simply click the checkbox below the sub-departments you wish to hide.

Disable Sub-department

Disabling Individual Positions

Lastly, you can disable certain positions for being disabled to volunteers. Simply tick the checkbox below the positions you want to disable.

Disable Position

Last Updated: 15th July, 2016