How to Mark a Person as Deceased

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There are three ways to mark a person as deceased.

  1. In a Person’s Profile
  2. Mass Manage
  3. By an Import File

What Happens When an Individual is Marked as Deceased

For the most part, within Elvanto a Deceased individual is considered the same as an Archived individual, in that they’re not considered an Active adult etc. We will also exclude them from most built-in reports, and will only be included in Custom Reports and Searches if you’ve specifically added the ‘Deceased – Include Deceased’ filter.

It is also worth noting that any mailchimp lists the user was subscribed to will still be subscribed in their profile.

Mark as Deceased in People’s Profiles

Go the user profile of the person you want to mark as deceased. In the actions pane in the sidevar, click ‘Mark as Deceased’.

By Mass Manage

Select the person by clicking the box that corresponds to their name and then scroll down to ‘Mass Manage’.

In the ‘Choose Action’ dropdown, select Change People’s Field > Deceased > Yes, and click on ‘Perform Mass Manage’.

By an Import File

You can create a CSV file listing deceased people which can then be imported. Create a column for Deceased and add a ‘Yes’ against the person you wish to be Marked as Deceased. Check out this Import People file for more information.

Full NameDeceased
Agnes CervantesYes

Last Updated: 6th February, 2018