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You can contact an individual person or multiple people using a variety of methods in Elvanto.

Contact People

Contact an Individual

Contacting people in Elvanto is simple. To contact a person, simply go to their profile page and choose ‘Contact’ from the top right hand side.


Contact a Group

To contact a group of people, go to the group and click on ‘Contact Group’ from the top right hand side.


Contact Multiple People

You can also search for multiple people to contact – for example, you may want to contact your whole congregation, or just the men or women. You can do this by using a People View or doing an Advanced Search. Once you have generated the list of people, choose the ‘Contact these People’ option found at the top right-hand corner.

Contact Methods

Compose an Email

Once you have selected your recipients, a window will appear. Click on the plus button next to ‘Send an Email’ to start composing your Email. Read more on how to compose an email.

Compose an SMS

Click on the plus button next to ‘Send an SMS’ to start composing your SMS. This option will only be enabled if you have set-up SMS Text Messaging in your account. Read more on how to compose an SMS.

Compose a Letter

Click on the ‘Send a Letter’ tab to start composing your Letter. Read more on how to compose a letter.

How do I know who will receive my communication?

You can see all recipients on the right hand side pane of the ‘Contact People’ window. Keep an eye out for the little icons that show if each individual can receive email or SMS and if they have a mailing address for letters. You can also click on the red cross to remove an individual from the list of recipients.

Icon Description
Member has an Email address saved
Member has a mobile number saved
Member has a home or mailing address saved

Last Updated: 28th March, 2017